20 Years After War. Museum of the Leningrad’s 1945-65 Everyday Culture

4 линия В.О., 19, кв. 11 (5 этаж)
Василеостровская, Спортивная
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How did the people of Leningrad live in the first decades after the war, what did they do in their free time? What perfumes did the ladies use, what games did the children play? The exposition of the museum gives a great introduction to the everyday culture of post-war Leningrad. The museum is located in the old 4-room communal flat that was then considered to be a decent place to live regardless of its overcrowdedness. One of the rooms represents a typical dwelling of a Leningrad teacher recreated with detailed accuracy. The museum also has an exhibition space and provides several interactive activities when visitors may dance to the sounds of gramophone, try on the hats designed by Leningrad tailors and play dominoes.

During the Museum Night, you can learn about routine Soviet life by visiting common Leningrad flat and realize how did those people live after World War Two.